How To Organize Your Garage?

In most houses, the garage is a place filled with clutter. We are all guilty of storing unwanted items in it and then forgetting all about it. But once you go in to find something, it turns into a disaster. Having a neat and ordered garage isn’t as difficult a task as you think. In this article, we will be looking at a few things that will help you keep a clean and organized garage.
You can invite some family and friends to help you sort out all the garbage inside. Go through everything inside so that you have a thorough inspection. You can sort the items out into three piles namely, donate, keep and throw away. Dispose of broken items, expired household chemicals, toys etc. Make sure that you sort these out for easy recycling. Toxic items should be disposed of safely. What you decide to keep should be sorted out into boxes or bins. You can also invest in cheap garage shelving. You can give away what can be reused by holding a garage sale. Open shelves will be easier to use as it will allow you to scan everything quickly. If you have closed cabinets, make sure you label what is kept inside. Visit this link for more info on cheap garage shelving.
There are some items that you should store elsewhere such as paint that will be ruined due to extreme cold or heat, paper goods that will attract pests, and propane that is highly flammable and should be kept outdoors. You may have the kennel outside. You can also buy dog enclosures for sale depending on the type of dog breed that you have. But you shouldn’t keep pet food inside the garage because it will attract critters and other animals. Make sure you keep a standard fire extinguisher in the garage for safety purposes.
When it comes to storage, you should store items that go together such as lawn chemicals and gardening tools close to each other. Bulky items should be kept in corners so that they won’t get knocked over by your vehicle. You can keep items that you use regularly near the garage door. Rarely used items will be placed at hard to reach spots. You can use pegboards, track based systems and panel systems as vertical organizing tools. Overhead space must be used wisely. The garage ceiling can be a storage space for flat equipment that you rarely use. The ceiling shelves should allow sufficient clearance for the vehicle.
You can also install a workbench inside the garage. A wall mounted model that can be folded down will conserve space when it’s not in use. You can include drawers in the bench as well. For a more budget friendly option, simply install a pegboard above a normal workbench. You should inspect the garage wall for gaps before you install organizers. Seal opening that will let in air and moisture. You can use caulk for small gaps and expandable spray foam for larger gaps. The entry door to the garage has to be secured with a deadbolt and the windows must be locked to keep security at a maximum. The garage door must be kept closed at all times.